Stonehaven flood wardens needed

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VOLUNTEERS are being sought to act as flood wardens in Stonehaven.

The town’s Flood Action group are looking for members of the community to come forward and volunteer to provide assistance and warning to people should Stoney face another flood.

The wardens would be expected to alert residents and businesses when a flood alert has been issued by The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

They would also maintain contact with the authorities in order to pass detailed information to residents as to the likelihood of an actual flood occurring


Duties would include observing river levels at times of heavy or prolonged rainfall, and report when they reached pre-determined depths, to be indicated on marker boards.

If required, the wardens would help raise the alarm among residents and businesses within their defined area.

More general duties would include helping to distribute flood resilience information, attendance at annual flood meetings and feeding back to the authorities on any flood risk concerns raised by local residents.

The wardens would not be expected to place themselves at risk or undertake any activity that places themselves or others in danger. Nor would they take any responsibility for protecting anyone’s property, moving anyone’s personal possessions or distributing flood protection equipment.

There are a number of areas in the town laid out for flood wardens to cover and all of these, bar one, require one or more volunters.

Ideally each area should have two local wardens and one from outside the area.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a flood warden shouls contact the Stonehaven Food Action Group through the contact us section of their website