Stonehaven kids join together for the Giant Walking Bus

three Stonehaven Primary Schools, Arduthie, Dunnottar and Mill o’ Forest are joining together on Wednesday, to take part in the Giant Walking Bus!

At 10am on Wednesday, (June 15), more than 100,000 kids will march for road safety from their school gates in the annual Giant Walking Bus.

This event is part of a Kids Say Slow Down campaign and raises awareness of the dangers of traffic and how cool it is to walk. It also raises funds for Brake’s services for road crash victims. Every year they try to beat the own world record for the biggest walking bus!

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The three local schools decided to join forces for the event to raise awareness throughout the local community.

Pupils and teachers will all leave their respective schools at 10am and form their own giant walking buses to campaign with banners, posters etc.

The three groups will walk to Mineralwell Park where they will meet up before returning to their schools.

this will be a huge event and it is rare that the children of all three schools are asked to join together in a common effort.