Stonehaven Ladies Probus Club

Stonehaven Ladies Probus Club met on Tuesday December 3 in the Station Hotel, Stonehaven. Vice President Frances Gilroy introduced the speaker Lynda Macdonald who gave a talk about ‘Tales of Whales - Voyage to a Magical World’. Lynda said her love of life is to travel to remote places; she is a wildlife and nature enthusiast and is a keen photographer.

Her presentation was about the Baja Peninsula where she visited in 2005 and returned in 2008. The Baja Peninsula is in North Western Mexico but the Peninsula is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of California. With some wonderful photographs Lynda went on to describe the islands around the coast. The photographs of the wonderful rock formations on some of the islands, due to volcanic activity in that area, the wils flowers, plants, exotic cactus, butterflies and many beach views along with Lynda’s description was superb. She gave a vivd description of the Sea of Cortez where there are over 900 varieties of fish; many of the species only exist there. She had photographs of California sea lions, blue whales, blue-footed boobies, frigate birds called pirate birds and Rasa nesting birds.

Lynda then went on to tell the members about going out in the zodiac boats alongside the dolphins, sea lions and her encounters with the great whales. She said that the whales are huge animals but very friendly and seem to love people in small boats, liked noise and liked to play. In Lynda’s words you could pet them like dogs. Her description and excellent photography made this a most enjoyable presentation.

A vote of thanks was proposed by margaret Mulligan.