Stonehaven Ladies Probus Club meeting

A meeting of the Stonehaven Ladies’ Probus Club was held on Tuesday October 1 in the Station Hotel Stonehaven, at which Stephen Willis gave an interesting talk on behalf of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The trust is supported by over 1,000 volunteers, who help out with, protection, surveying, reserve management and by running Visitor Centre activities and events. Stephen Willis is particularly involved with saving the red squirrel and to this end undertakes the trapping of greys, gathers data from various surveys and generally helps to make the public aware of every aspect of the life of the red squirrel, whose future is looking more promising as a result of the Trust and its volunteers. For more information, email

After several interesting questions, a vote of thanks was given by Ann Tunstall and Ex Officio, Ellie Mcleod dealt with apologies for absence. The next meeting will be at the same venue on November 5, with Robin Hay as the guest.