Stonehaven Land Train ‘a superb assest’

The Stonehaven Land Train had it's first journey back in August
The Stonehaven Land Train had it's first journey back in August

The chairman of the Stonehaven Tourism Group has called the Stonehaven Land Train an ‘unqualified hit with residents’.

The venture by Stonehaven Town Partnership has received rave reviews since it’s first journey back in August.

Plans are already in motion to bring the train back for the festive season after it stops running regularly at the end of the October school holidays.

It hasn’t been easy for STP as they were hampered by delays outwith their control regarding the registering of the vehicle when it first arrived back in July.

Frank Budd, who is Chairman of the Stonehaven Tourism Group, wrote a letter to us this week, which can be read in full on page 10.

He said: “Since it’s introduction it has been an unqualified hit with residents and visitors, young and old. It is a delight to hear it ‘Toot tooting’ and whistling its way along its route.

“It is a superb asset for Stonehaven’s Tourism, and is a lovely tool in helping to market the town. I know its use is not without problems, but I do hope it will continue to put a smile on everyone’s face for many years to come.”

A couple of weeks back the Leader was contacted by STP asking for help locating more conductors and storytellers for the service.

Last Friday our own reporter Rachel took her daughter for a spin on the land train and she gave us her thoughts.

She said: “The land train was great fun, especially because the driver and conductor were so friendly and helpful.”