Stonehaven Rotarians send aid to Philippines

Shelter box
Shelter box

Big-hearted Stonehaven Rotarians are helping to send out aid for the survivors of the Philippines super typhoon, Haiyan.

At their meeting last week, they unanimously voted to provide funds for two Shelter Boxes to be sent to the Philippines in the wake of the disaster, which has devastated the islands.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children there are now homeless and without clean water or food in the wake of Haiyan.

With winds of 195mph, the typhoon was the largest storm ever recorded to make landfall and current reports indicate that upwards of 5000 people may have lost their lives.

The Rotary-affiliated charity Shelter Box has teams on the ground in the Philippines responding to the disaster who are moving emergency shelter and other vital aid already located there and in neighbouring countries to the worst affected areas.

The shelter boxes are large green containers, inside which are the essential needs for a large family with a big tent, blankets and ground sheets, necessary tools, cooking facilities and other requirements to help them survive until more permanent aid can be provided.

To date, upwards of 500 shelter boxes are on their way plus 500 tents, and distribution is controlled by a Shelter Box team on site.

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