Stonehaven’s Flood Relief group continuing with the hard work

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SINCE floods devastated Stonehaven last December, the local Flood Relief Group has been busy co-ordinating efforts to provide support and essential supplies to those affected by the flooding.

The Group has also been collecting money for the Flood Relief fund and also collecting thousands of items of every description - from furniture to bedding - in the Town Hall. The public really came together to support the group and people from as far as Ellon were delivering items of furniture, food and clothing.

Many of these items were handed out to affected people, giving them much needed bedding, clothing and food hampers and toys for their children. Items which were left were then put in a sale which raised money for the Flood Relief Fund.

The Group then decided to focus on ensuring that all properties were dried out, especially those which were not insured or had insufficient cover.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘There is no point in drying out a house when the one next door is still damp and can cause seepage or encourage spore and mould growth. This simple task was complicated owing to people moving out of their homes to emergency, temporary locations therefore gathering correct information proved time consuming.

‘‘The Group has listed all damaged properties and their status and the current situation is that all properties are in the process of being dried either with insurance company support or, where that is not available, by distributing money from the Relief Fund cash given by the public, voluntary organisations and local businesses.

‘‘The next stage will be to establish what house repairs have to be carried out. After that, every effort will be made to return people to their homes as soon as possible while providing household equipment, carpets and furniture where necessary. Help with carpets and furniture will be available from SATRA in Cowie Lane for those who require it.’’

The Flood Relief Fund holds money which has been raised from public contributions, the sale of surplus goods and furniture, donations by local business and profits from various fundraising events.

The spokesperson added: ‘‘The fundraising team wishes to thank everyone who has given financial support.

‘‘People affected by the storm and floods who are struggling to meet their costs may apply for assistance from the Flood Relief Fund by completing a simply application form which is available at the Library in Evan Street or the Council Housing Office in Allardice Street. Each application will be considered sympathetically and in confidence. However there are limited funds available and with the large number of homes affected it may not be possible to meet everybody’s needs fully.’’

Closing date for the applications is February 28. The Group has also run a couple of coffee mornings in the Resource Centre, to offer support advice and an opportunity to have a chat in a comfortable environment. The next one will be this Saturday (February 16) at 10am.