Stoney Feein’ the buzz for market

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Stonehaven’s famous Feein’ Market is almost here for another year, with a packed programme of acts and events planned.

The traditional market layout has been extended to take in the Farmers’ Market and to improve the facilities in general for visitors and stall holders.

Last year had a strong turnout in the town square

Last year had a strong turnout in the town square

The market is now curated by members of the Stonehaven and District Lions Club since taking over its organisation.

The group said after inheriting the running of the Feein’ Market from the local business association that the club would build on the success of the market, year on year, so that the entire community could benefit.

David Lawman, the Lions Club’s Feein’ Market convener, said: “We are totally committed to the development of the Feein’ Market so that everyone can benefit - participating clubs, businesses and organisations and visitors alike.

“The bigger and better the event - the bigger the draw and that means more income for all the charities, businesses and organisations with stalls both in the town square and in the Town Hall, not to mention more money in the tills for local shops, restaurants and pubs.”

He added that the market is important to the local economy and it is expected that an estimated £50,000 will be spent at the various stalls during the day.

“That is a fantastic figure which is only made possible by staging the Feein’ Market and the Lions Club is only too happy to play the lead role in making that sort of fund rasing target achievable,” he added. “The importance of the market to provide much needed funds to a whole range of clubs, charities and organisations in the town and surrounding area cannot be underestimated.

“The better the programme and the better the organisation, the better everyone benefits.”

This is the 16th year that the Lions Club have taken the helm for organising the market, which originally started over a century ago when itinerant agricultural workers flocked to the square to be hired for the forthcoming year.

The market will be opened by STV’s Sean Batty and Norman MacLeod on Saturday, June 4.

They will also judge the ‘Best Dresses Stall Holder’ and ‘Best Dressed Stall’ competitions.

Mr Batty will then join in on the ‘Fancy Piece & Bru’ challenge, where 100 people will eat a Deep Fried Mars Bar and drink a bottle of Irn Bru at the same time.