Stoney Harbour steps to be upgraded

The steps at the breakwater at Stonehaven Harbour could be in for a refit. Aberdeenshire Council has lodged an application to make alterations to, and upgrade, the breakwater steps, including the installation of a handrail.

The application states that: “The current steps at the breakwater, used for embarking and disembarking from vessels, have irregular and uneven rises and goings which make ascending and descending a challenge and dangerous.

“These steps are used regularly and as part of the ongoing maintenance and safety improvements for Stonehaven Harbour, it is intended to reduce the risk of individuals slipping or tripping on the steps.”

Stonehaven has the largest of the recreational harbours in Aberdeenshire, and it is still used by fishing boats. It was first built prior to 1607 but was destroyed by storms. It was repaired and again destroyed by storms. In 1678 it was built more robustly but this too broke up under the force of the North Sea. A new plan was drawn up in 1825 by Robert Stevenson and the harbour works were constructed successfully.

The harbour is a Historic Structure and is category B listed.