Stop moaning and get the spade out!

LOCAL councillors have urged residents to reignite their sense of civic duty when it comes to clearing the snow.

The issue was discussed at the Kincardine and Mearns area committee, after Stonehaven resident Michael Innes asked about the clearing of pavements during public question time.

He asked the committee whether members thought a sufficient amount was being done to keep the pavements of the town clear.

Area manager Willie Munro said that the council was following normal policy by clearing the town centre first, then pavements leading to the town centre and all other areas when they had the time.

Councillor Graeme Clark said: “It is a problem, there are a lot of elderly people who have been stuck in their houses for over a week now. I agree that we have got to prioritise and tackle the most used places first.

“Can I take this opportunity to thank the roads lads who have been out in all weathers and all hours and they have done a fantastic job. We could always do with more resources.”

He added: “It is a worry that there are people stuck in their houses and I’d also like to pay tribute to the volunteers who are out there and who always help in conditions like these.”

Cllr Clark also asked that people checked on their neighbours to make sure they were warm enough and food in.

North Kincardine councillor Ian Mollison said: “Walking round the streets of Portlethen and Newtonhill, I have come across one pavement which was absolutely clear and I take my hat off to these residents.

“It baffles me why more residents don’t stop complaining about the council and get out there and do it themselves. Once it gets down to ice it is very difficult to shift. I take the point that there are some people who aren’t able to do it but most people are and we should stop looking to the council to do everything for us and get out there and help ourselves.”

Councillor Mike Sullivan said: “In other countries such as Germany and Scandinavia you are legally bound to clear the road between your property and the road. It is a legal obligation.”