‘Stop using our courtyard as a toilet’

Kate Ellix just wants a safe and clean place for her young daughter to play
Kate Ellix just wants a safe and clean place for her young daughter to play

Residents of Stonehaven’s Market Lane flats have launched an appeal in an effort to prevent people using their courtyard as a toilet.

Luke and Kate Ellix launched the appeal after coming home to find what they believed to be human excrement on their doorstep.

The incident was an escalation of many years of the couple and their neighbours having to clean up urine and rubbish left on their premises.

In a message to The Leader, Luke said he is fed up having to deal with the disgusting mess left by people. He said: “There is a private courtyard and a gate, yet every weekend and sometimes during the week this is swimming in urine.

“I and my neighbours are fed up washing down and cleaning up the residents’ of Stonehaven’s mess.

“It is disgusting for us and a potentially dangerous hazard for our children which has been going on for years.”

The couple have a three year-old daughter who uses the courtyard as a play area and Kate says she just wants it to be nice for her.

“At the moment she can’t play in the courtyard because it is an unhygienic place to be,” explained Kate.

“One of our neighbours also has a young child of the same age but over the years we have had to clean up urine, rubbish and broken glass - not to mention the most recent mess.

“It could be a really nice place for the kids to play if it wasn’t being abused.”

After years of cleaning up mess, Luke described Tuesday’s incident as “The straw that broke the camel’s back”.

He said: “It’s just absolutely minging to find something like that on your doorstep.

“I was disgusted and angry, but also gutted because Stonehaven is a very nice place to live and just a few people are making it a nightmare for us.

“I’m not interested in persecuting people, I just want them to stop - some might not even realise when it’s dark that it is in fact a door to a home that they are urinating on.”

The landlord has been contacted for a comment by The Leader and we are awaiting his response.