Storm repair work starts in Muchalls

muchalls repairs
muchalls repairs

Contractors have started work this week on repairing storm-damaged paths within the Muchalls and Newtonhill area.

Contractors were working at Muchalls on the path from the railway bridge near the former station to the Grim Haven Shore.

The path had been gouged out and in places almost washed away by the torrents of rainwater during the winter.

The path is being regraded and material brought in to reinstate surface for about 120 yards.

This work is due to last about a week.

Contractors will then move to Newtonhill to repair the path to the beach from the car park at Skateraw Road. This is anticipated to take three weeks.

Stone steps will replace the timber ones, the path will be resurfaced and workers will be carrying out drainage works to keep water off the path which should ensure longer term stability.

The footbridge over the Elsick Burn at the beach will also receive attention.

Eroded material around the abutment and missing handrails being replaced, and the rock armour upstream of the bridge is also to be stabilised.

Technically the paths will be closed while work is underway although the contracto r will make allowances if people still attempt to use them.

North Kincardine councillor Ian Mollison said: “Local people will welcome this work as the paths are very popular walking routes.

“There is more still to be done in the area but this will depend on funding coming through.”

The work is being carried out for Aberdeenshire Council as the routes are part of the council’s core paths network.