Structure survey around Carron for flood protection

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Contractors will begin a survey in the next two weeks to determine the integrity of existing built structures around the River Carron in Stonehaven.

As part of the Stonehaven flood protection scheme, surveyors will be conducting structural surveys on existing foundations of walls and bridges.

Their work, starting on August 26, will help inform designs for a major scheme in the town and is expected to last for around a week.

This is the second of three surveys to be carried out as part of the scheme. A a topographical survey has already taken place.

Small teams of surveyors will be working on various structures along the River Carron and their work is likely to involve localised drilling as part of the material testing phase.

This could generate some noise and dust and residents and businesses are thanked for their patience while the essential work takes place.

Following the topographical and structural surveys, a ground investigation survey will also take place.

If you have any queries regarding the structural survey, contact Rachel Kennedy, principal engineer (Flood Protection - Major Works) on (01569) 768211.