Suggestion for money

Folllowing discussion at a previous meeting, Stonehaven and District Communoity Council once again discussed their apprehension over how the profit made by the Stonehaven Town Partnership’s running of the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park would be spent.

At their meeting earlier this month the discussion was once again held over how the STP would spend the money it received from the Caravan Club from the site. The first discussion followed the revelation that STP would make a minimum of £6000 off of the site, but it is reckoned that the figure would higher.

During the course of the discussion, it was suggested that rather than STP keeping the money in their account, that the profit from the Caravan Park should be placed into the Common Good fund which is run by Aberdeenshire Council.

This suggestion was made as the Caravan Park is on Common Good Land.

Despite this suggestion raising concerns, and it being explained that because the STP have stepped in to run the caravan park, any money raised goes to STP, the Community Council voted to have their STP representative, David Fleming, who is also chairman of the Community Council, take the suggestion to the partnership.