Summer Garden winners

STONEHAVEN and District Horticultural Society have presented the prizes in their Summer Garden competition 2011. President Forbes Bain and Secretary Mary Marr toured the winning gardens last week, handing out trophies and vouchers.

Small Gardens: 1 Doreen Burns, 1 School Road; 2 Alistair and Mary Mitchell, 3 School Road; 3 Charles Duncan, 32 Little Farrochie Place.

Large Gardens: 1 Ruth and Tom Wright, 54 Malcolms Mount West; 2 David Anderson, 7 Hunter Place; 3 Sandra and Graham Gauld, 6 Carronhall.

Container Gardens: 1 Dorothy Riddell, 26 East Glebe; 2 Jeanie Muir, 40 Arduthie Gardens; 3 Sheena and Sidney Adam, 17 Farrochie Gardens.

Houses without Gardens: 1 Anna and Peter O’Dowd, Villa Coffee Shop; 2 Ray and Raymond Milne, Shell Hoosie; 3 Pat and John Fothergill, Granary, Shorehead.

The vouchers for the first place winners have been sponsored by Kirktown Garden Centre. The second and third place vouchers were sponsored by MacDougall and Masson and Stonehaven Joinery Services.