Supermarket plans

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PLANS for a new supermarket in Stonehaven are set to be drawn-up.

Bancon Developments, who have recently had a supermarket proposal at East Newtonleys rejected, are working towards submitting a proposal of application notice to the local planning authority and will then consult with the local community.

Bancon Developments said: “There remains strong demand for a sizeable new supermarket to provide Stonehaven with the quality and choice it needs.

“Following our review we believe that a site at Braehead/East Newtonleys continues to have significant merit.

“The Proposed Local Development Plan identifies more development to the south of the town specifically more business land adjacent to our already consented business park on the A92, as well as a replacement school site for Dunnottar Primary School at Braehead.

“Given the continuing need for a supermarket and the land allocations for development at Braehead/East Newtonleys, following our consultants review we are examining closely the prospect of an alternative supermarket site and specifically one closer to Braehead.”