Supermarket Site - votes are in

Stonehaven residents have voted on their preference for a Supermarket in the Town.

The survey has ahown that a plot of land on Stonehaven’s loop road is favoured by residents as the site for a new supermarket.

The survey follows a meeting held last month where supermarket bids lodged as part of the local development plan were discussed.

For the survey, volunteers have gone door-to-door to allow locals to have their say on potential sites for a store in the town with around 1000 households taking part so far.

The South Aberdeenshire Tenant Resident Association (Satra) organised the poll.

Developers Bancon, Barratts, Labinski and the Strang Steels were all at the meeting and included on the subsequent survey.

The firms concerned want to build the superstore at East Newtonleys, Mill of Forest, the Loop Road and on Field 52, respectively.

Satra’s vice-chairman Lenny Lawrence said: “The survey has been excellent. We could have had it finished if we had enough volunteers.

“We did a report on Monday night that we have emailed to the community council and the area committee councillors. Hopefully it will be taken into account as the Local Development Plan (LDP) hearing takes place on October 13 and 14.

“The loop road site is away out in front as the most favoured one at this point in time.”

The proposed supermarket, which would be built near Fetteresso Cemetery, has attracted 496 votes with plans for a store at Field 52, which could be split by the proposed Aberdeen Western Peripheral route (AWPR), in second with 196 votes.

The least popular optio was the Roads Depot Spurryhillock by Aberdeenshire Council which only received 37 votes.

Satra will continue to collect local views on potential supermarket sites until the end of October but these will not be included in the report which organisers hope will be considered at the LDP hearing.

Volunteers will continue to go door-to-door but you can also vote by visiting the association’s office on King’s Road.