Support for charity

Three Johnshaven Mum’s have arranged a charity coffee morning for a cancer charity which has supported two of them through difficult times.

Elaine Morley and Tanya Batty both have close family who are suffering from cancer in the form of brain tumours. Shortly after discovering that her mum had a terminal tumour in her brain, Tanya was doing her shopping when she came across a cancer charity collecting money. She put a donation in the tin, but was still too upset to talk about what was happening with her mum. She mentioned the charity, The Woodland Cancer Trust, to her friend Elaine, who did some research and contacted them. After talking to the charity on the phone about Tanya and her mum, Elaine mentioned she too was dealing with cancer in the family; her brother-in-law had been diagnosed with a brain tumour . Elaine explained: “The woman on the phone asked what can we do for you?”

Help from the charity came in the form of an electric bed for Tanya’s mum and a rug and a mattress topper to make the bed more comfortable for Elaine’s brother-in-law. Elaine explained that whilst these seem like little things they are important. She said: “They make a massive difference.”

Both women were also surprised by the charities willingness to help regardless of where they lived, they will help anywhere.

The charity also offers emotional support to those dealing with the disease. Tanya said: “If you phone up and you need to talk they will talk to you.” She described the support given by the charity as “fantastic.”

After receiving help from the charity, they decided they wanted to give something back to ensure that the charity can go on helping those affected by cancer. Along with their friend Jane Henderson, they have arranged a charity coffee morning for the Woodlands Cancer Trust. The women describe the help given by local businesses as “Overwhelming.” A number of fantastic raffle prizes have been donated for the event including an air experience from Tayside aviation. The children at Johnshaven School are also helping out and will have a stall at the coffee morning.

To support this charity which, as Elaine and Tanya explain, really give a personal touch and go the extra mile to help support anyone living with cancer, head along to the coffee morning on Saturday December 3 at Wairds park Club room, Beach Road, Johnshaven from 10:30-1pm. Entry will cost £2 and £1 for children under 10.