The Vikings have landed

The vikings have landed
The vikings have landed

Junior ‘Vikings’ from Newtonhill stormed ashore for a special beach school to learn more about the fierce Norse warriors.

The P4 classes from Newtonhill Primary participated in the event delivered by Julia Mackay, Deeside Forest Schools, on Thursday, June 26.

She said: “Miss Gillies, principal teacher, very kindly invited me to host my first beach school for the P4 classes.

“I was extremely excited about this project because I usually deliver my Forest School sessions in woodlands across Aberdeenshire, so this made a lovely change”.

All the pupils came to the beach dressed as Vikings because they had been working on this project within the classroom and the teachers thought it would be a great idea to continue the theme outdoors.

The day’s activities involved making a Viking ship from non-natural and natural materials, environmental art and toasting marshmallows.

Once the activities were finished, the pupils collected three bags full of beach litter which they had used to make their ship.

Julia added: ‘‘Forest School is an ideal method of delivering many aspects of the curriculum of excellence, including health outcomes, and can make a real difference to all involved.

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