Thought for the Week

*Why do we make so many mistakes? Why do we do so many foolish things? Have you ever said “I wish I had not done that”? Or “Why did I do that? I should have known better.”

You won’t touch a hot cooker if you listen to someone who has already been burnt, but as we carry on with our day-to-day living we find ourselves continuing to make the same mistakes and saying foolish things.

We go about our daily business and, if like me, you get up in the morning and say “today I am not going to moan” this promise to myself only lasts a short while and before I know it I find I have slipped back into the “why did I say that/why did I do that?”. It all becomes very tiresome - so how do we get over this mind-set?

We live in a world that is full of people striving for more, the expensive holiday, the best car, the best computer or tablet (not the sweetie kind) that money can buy and still there is a feeling of not being satisfied.

Over the last few weeks I have been taking part in a keep-fit challenge at work called ‘Walk at Work Step Count Challenge’. The aim is to walk on a daily basis, increase fitness and it says in the book that walking can improve both physical and mental health in a lot of ways. It goes on to say that a physically active workforce has also been shown to take fewer sick days, be more productive and will also give staff morale a healthy boost.

I have enjoyed taking part in this challenge and being part of the team has motivated me to increase my ‘steps’ so that we can climb the league table, as I don’t want to be responsible for letting my team down. This set me thinking - is the Bible not a similar challenge to us all? It does what it says on the manual, that’s if we follow the instructions.

So let’s not let God’s side down. He has provided the instructions on how to live our lives, all we have to do is open the book, follow his instructions and the result - improved spiritual health with guaranteed satisfaction in our lives. Are you willing to take up the challenge?

Elaine Allan

Montrose Old & St Andrews