Tina the tabby cat reunited with owner

Juanita', actually named Tina, was reunited with her owner on Saturday
Juanita', actually named Tina, was reunited with her owner on Saturday

A moggy thought to have found its way from the Canary Islands to Aberdeen has finally been reunited with its owner.

The shorthaired tabby cat called Tina was found in a garage in Muchalls last Thursday and taken to Stonehaven-based Kirkton Vets, who looked after her.

A scan of her microchip revealed that she was registered to a name and address in Las Palmas in Fuerteventura. The phone number was disconnected, though, leading to the suspicion that the owner may have emigrated to the UK and not updated the address details.

A ring round of local vet practices in the Stonehaven area by Cats Protection led to one of them recognising the owner’s name and ringing her.

It turned out the owner, Fiona Prati, lived 15 miles away in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, and Tina had gone missing from her home last week.

According to Fiona, it is thought that Tina had hopped into a vehicle and travelled from there to Muchalls.

She was reunited with her owner by veterinary surgeon, Fiona MacPherson, who said: “Tina is such a friendly and loving cat that we felt sure she had to have an owner somewhere who would be missing her. We were delighted when Fiona came to collect her and we’re so pleased that we were able to help reunite them.

“Fiona even heard the story on the radio as she was driving to collect Tina! She told us how pleased she was that Tina was OK as she had feared the worst.

‘‘We’ve had lots of calls offering Tina a home so I’d strongly urge anyone interested in adopting a cat to contact their local Cats Protection.”

Zahir White, media officer at Cats Protection, said: “It is great news that Tina’s owner has been found and we’re happy we were able to play a part in reuniting them.”