Tips to help you enjoy New Year

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IT’S the night that we have all been waiting for. The bubbly has been bought and you are wondering who you will kiss at the stroke of midnight. Because you know what they say; you start the New Year how you will ned it. So you want to make sure start 2012 with a bang.

However, from deciding what to wear, to the hangover and dreadful drunken memories, a New Year party can be stressful.

But do not worry, help is at hand. Anita Naik’s book, The Lazy Girl’s Party Guide, is here to help banish party fears and make sure that parties, including New Year, are the old-fashioned fun they’re meant to be.

From beauty tips to hangover limitation techniques, there’s all the essential info you’ll need on going to or throwing a party. Here’s a few tips.


:: EAT BEFORE YOU GO - Line your stomach with toast, a sandwich with a light filling, a small bowl of pasta or a yoghurt. Avoid processed and sugary foods, as they’ll take alcohol into the bloodstream with them.

:: HYDRATE - Drink a pint of water before you have any alcohol at all, to avoid the uncomfortable effects of dehydration.


:: RELAX - Stress can make you look as if you’ve run a marathon, have PMS and have never had a beauty procedure in your life. If you’re prone to anxiety before an event, relax! Take regular time-outs not just for your mind, but for your looks too.

:: CLOSE YOUR PORES - Or at least make them look closed. After you wash your face, run an ice cube over it to constrict the pores, then use an oil-controlling product beneath your moisturiser and foundation.

:: AVOID OVERSPRAYING - Too much perfume will have people wincing in your presence. Spray on your neck and over your hair, and top up four hours later.

:: TOO MUCH MAKE-UP? - If your look appears too heavy and you’ve not got time to amend it, gently press some tissues against your skin to blot (not wipe) off excess lipstick, eye shadow and foundation. Then take another look and whatever looks the heaviest, take off and re-apply.


:: DON’T BE A WALLFLOWER - For those of a nervous disposition, locking yourself in the toilet or pretending to converse with a pot plant may seem preferable options to starting a conversation with someone you don’t know.

But remember that everyone’s more self-conscious than you think, and most people secretly suspect other people are having a better time at a party than they are.

So you’ve got nothing to lose if you take the plunge and butt in on a group’s conversation, or introduce yourself to a stranger.

If that’s too much to ask, pick up some nibbles or drinks and offer them round. Concentrate on thinking outwards and looking at what other people are doing, rather than on how others perceive you.


:: ACHING FEET - If your feet hurt from the sexy killer heels you’ve had on all night, rub in a cream containing lavender and mint. The lavender will relax the muscles and the mint will cool down hot, sore feet.

exercise, like a good walk, will help to clear your head, speed up your metabolism and detoxify your body more quickly.

If you follow these tips you can make sure that you have a very happy New Year.