Tolbooth success

THE success story that is Stonehaven’s Tolbooth Museum was discussed at Tuesday’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council.

George Strang, the council’s representative on the Tolbooth Management Group reported that the facility was still open Saturday and Sunday and attracting 200 visitors every weekend.

“At the beginning of April we will open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday for a month to see how many volunteers we have coming forward.

“From May we will be open six days a week, Wednesday to Monday.”

Mr Strang told the meeting that they had a model maker among their new volunteers and he makes beautiful model ships, including of the Titanic and these will be on display.

“I am very hopeful for the facility. We got three more volunteers in last week.

“I would still like to get more locals visiting us. Most of the people who come in are tourists.”

Phil Mills-Bishop commented that some of the Tolbooth artefacts had been taken away and were now on display in Banchory.

He suggested the reduction in the artefacts at the Tolbooth would have an impact on its grading status.

Mr Strang said that the fact that some items have gone to Banchory will leave more room for other things.

The decision to take some items away was partly to do with the question of whether the Tolbooth would be accredited.

Ian Hunter commented: “Visitor numbers are going through the roof and as long as these artefacts are not lost forever, I don’t mind if there is rotation.”