Town Hall cinema stops

Stonehaven Town Hall
Stonehaven Town Hall

Cinema showings at Stonehaven Town Hall have finished.

The final showings took place at the weekend with showings of Snoopy, Sunset Song and Star Wars.

A post on the event page from Stonehaven Town Hall said: “This is going to be the last cinema showing at the Town Hall as it is no longer viable.”

In July last year Stonehaven Town Hall Trust was seeking the opinions of residents due to poor attendance to some showings in September and October.

Stonehaven Town Hall Trust has for several years worked with Aberdeenshire Council the owners of the Hall to provide, through committed volunteers, events and performances and cinema shows.

A post on the event page expressed sadness at that cinema showings were no longer going ahead at the Stonehaven Town Hall.

It said: “Such a pity that more folk didn’t support this as it was a great help to many especially the elderly who find travelling too hard. thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who put a lot of effort and time into the venture.”

Stonehaven and Lower Deeside Councillor Raymond Christie echoed the social media post.

He said: “I was sorry to hear that the cinema was ceasing at Stonehaven Town Hall as it was an alternative and less expensive cinema than Aberdeen.”

It was said back in July 2015 by the Trust that “The Town Hall Trust cannot continue to provide cinema shows unless they are, consistently, well attended.”

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