Town’s nightclub could become a restaurant

A Stonehaven nightclub has applied to Aberdeenshire Council for planning permission to change the premises into a restaurant.

Yeargraph Limited has applied for permission to change the use of what is currently Zee’s Nightclub at 10 Barclay Street from Class 11 (Assembly & Leisure) to Class 3 (Food & Drink).

Permission to extend and incorporate a kitchen has also been sought, which is shown in the plans to be built in the courtyard type area near the existing lockups between Ann Street, Troupers Bar and the existing nightclub.

The planning application was submitted to the council at the beginning of October and the chance for public comment expired on Thursday 15 November.

The opening times for the proposed restaurant will be Monday to Saturday from 12-2pm and then from 5-10.30pm and on a Sunday from 12.30-2.30pm and from 4.30-10pm.

Consultations for the application have taken place with Environmental Health and the Roads Department prior to a council decision.

If approved, the kitchen area will be in close proximity of other buildings in the town centre and because of this, Principal Officer of Environmental Health Arthur Ingram said: “No sound production or amplification equipment (including public address systems, loudspeakers, telephone bells etc, should be audible outwith the premises.

“Deliveries by commercial vehicles should only be made to or from the site between 0700 and 1900 hours Monday to Friday and 0700 and 1200 hours on Saturdays, and should not be operated at any time on Sundays, Bank and other Public Holidays without the prior agreement in writing of the Planning Service.

“Suitable ventilation and filtration equipment should be installed to suppress and disperse fumes and/or smell created from cooking operations on the premises. Such equipment should discharge at least one metre above ridge level of the nearest building.”

Mr Ingram also suggested in his letter of correspondence that the applicant contacted the Head of Waste Management to ensure the proposals in the application allow for a refuse collection to be provided and that the premises will require to meet both Food Safety and Health and Safety legislation.

The Roads Department had very few comments to make on the application and did not object when consulted.