Urgent call for barriers

Councillor Ian Mollison:  stepping up call for safety barriers on A92 near Newtonhill
Councillor Ian Mollison: stepping up call for safety barriers on A92 near Newtonhill

A councillor is stepping up his call for the installation of safety barriers along the A92 near Newtonhill.

North Kincardine Liberal Democrat Ian Mollison is urging Transport Scotland to act swiftly amid growing concern about accidents in the area.

It comes after two separate incidents on the southbound carriageway at the weekend.

BEAR Scotland is currently carrying out an investigation into adding the barriers.

But Councillor Mollison wants the transport agency to expedite any steps to improve safety.

He said: “On Saturday, there were two separate accidents at the same bend on the southbound carriageway.

“In the early afternoon a car left the road, mounted the bund, crashed through the fence and landed in the patio of a house in St Michael’s Road.

“There was no-one at home at the time, as far as I can establish. Debris also landed in a neighbour’s garden.

“Later in the afternoon a second car left the road slightly to the south of the first accident. It demolished a lamp post, flipped over, and came to rest on its roof, between the path and the bund.”

Emergency services attended both incidents.

The councillor contacted Transport Scotland in August about installing barriers.

The agency replied that BEAR had been asked to look into their provision.

Councillor Mollison said: “I am looking forward to hearing if barriers can be placed between the path and the southbound carriageway.

“It is important that walkers and cyclists are given some protection as well as the lamp posts, fences, and of course the gardens and householders.

“Quite why so many drivers come off at that slight bend remains a mystery to me.

“It is well lit, and not a tight bend. But that is what happens. People are being put at risk.”

A BEAR Scotland spokesperson said: “Works to investigate the provision of safety barriers are currently being progressed by BEAR Scotland on behalf of Transport Scotland.

“These works are programmed for completion by the end of October.”