Helicopter and private plane come down two days apart...

Picture courtesy of Sunnyside Home Farm
Picture courtesy of Sunnyside Home Farm

An Army helicopter and a private plane made emergency landings in Kincardine within two days of each other last week.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in either incident although it was an unusual coincidence.

Picture courtesy of Sunnyside Home Farm

Picture courtesy of Sunnyside Home Farm

The Army Apache attack helicopter was forced to make a controlled landing in a field at Maryculter on Monday of last week.

The formidable flying gunship, which had been taking part in a training exercise, landed in the field at lunchtime.

The Apache was taking part in Nato’s Operation Joint Warrior training exercise.

It was flying to the airfield at Kinloss Barracks in Moray from West Freugh near Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway.

Both crew members on board were uninjured.

Troops remained guarding the multi-million pound helicopter over night on Monday.

It took off again on Tuesday after undergoing repairs.

Two days later, the small plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Logie Farm, right beside the A90 and to the north of Stonehaven.

A police spokesperson said: “At approximately 3.45pm on Wednesday, April 9, Police Scotland in Aberdeen were made aware of a twin engine light aircraft that had made an emergency landing in a field just north of Stonehaven.

“The pilot, who was the only person within the plane, was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary as a precaution but was not seriously injured.”

The plane was removed from the field last on Friday last week and could not be salvaged.