Turbine application

AN application to build a wind turbine in Netherley has been re-submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.

The application by Intelligent Land Investments was previously lodged at the end of last year along with plans for seven other single wind turbines between Netherley and Laurencekirk. However, at the end of December the eight planning applications which were for turbines of 51 metres in height were withdrawn.

The applicant withdrew the applications and in a letter to the planning department made their intention to re-apply with smaller turbines clear.

The first of the applications has now been re-submitted to the local authority for a single wind turbine on land to the West of Ambleside, Netherley.

A change has been made to the planning application and the proposed turbine’s height has been revised. The application is now for one 225kW Wind Turbine, Height to Hub 32.4 Metres, Total Height to Tip 46.9 Metres and Formation of Temporary Access Track.

A spokesman for the agent acting on behalf on Intelligent Land Investments explained that this change had been made as the smaller turbine will be more “efficient.”

It can now be expected that the other seven applications will be re-submitted in the coming months and will got through the planning process.

The revised applications will have a different consultation than the previous applications.

As the new application is for turbines less than 50 metres in height, an environmental report or environmental impact assessment will not need to be carried out.

Environmental reports are only required for turbines which are of a height greater then 50 metres. The reports are used predict the effects on landscape, wildlife, noise and water sources, etc.