Turbine application deferred for visit

Two wind turbine applications submitted to Aberdeenshire Council have been deferred until a site visit has taken place. Both applications plan to build turbines as an extension to the wind farm already at Tullo Farm beside Laurencekirk.

The two applications were presented together to Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee last week in hope of being granted planning permission. However because of the number of turbines already at Tullo Farm, nearby residents’ concerns, and objection letters from community councils, the Councillors agreed that a site visit was needed before permission could be granted to build more turbines in that area.

The applications combined would see nine more wind turbines constructed at Tullo Farm, joining the eight that are already there, making 17 in total.

The first application by NR Gammie Partnership consists of five 100m turbines to the North of Tullo Farm in Laurencekirk.

The second application by Enec Wind UK Limited is for four 100m turbines at Tullo Farm.

There has been a lot of support and criticism from the public about the current wind farm being extended.A nearby resident voiced concern about the noise the current turbines make, let alone a further nine. Another resident objected because of the flicker caused by the turbines already in place. He said Aberdeenshire Council stipulated that the minimum distance between a turbine and house is 400m for noise and flicker reasons but this application indicated that a flicker may occur upto 800m. He said he already experiences a flicker from a turbine 2000m away which is making living in his property almost unbearable.