Turbine request

Mearns Community Council are to write to Aberdeenshire Council, calling on them to defer consideration of all wind turbine applications until they have a clear and concise policy in place.

The move by the community council comes after Scottish Government reporters labelled Aberdeenshire Council’s current policy relating to windfarms as “unfit for purpose” and instructed them to put a proper policy in place within the next 12 months.

David Nelson told the community council that the reporters had effectively dismissed Aberdeenshire Council’s policy on windfarms as not fit for purpose and asked them to look at the whole thing again.

Glenbervie resident John Stevenson, a long time opponent of windfarms, joined the attack saying the council’s policy had been described as “confusing”, “lacking transparency” and “creating uncertainty.”

“They have been asked to formulate a new policy, involving public consultation, so the whole thing is up in the air.

“By the time they arrive at a policy it may be too late.”

New chairman Jim Stuart said they should aske the local authority to defer all turbine applications until their new policy was consolidated.

Mr Stevenson said that would be the sensible thing to do but Aberdeenshire were unlikely to do it.

He added: “Anyway it is too late, the place is spoiled.”

Alan Mowat suggested that far from turbine applications being put on hold, developers would rush to get their applications in, before a new (perhaps tougher) policy was put in place.

Mr Mowat added: “It is very frustrating. The government reporters are saying exactly what we have been saying for years. Aberdeenshire lacks a clear policy on windfarms. It may be a token gesture, but we should ask the council to defer applications meantime.”

Mr Stevenson said: “I have given up. Aberdeenshire Council have not been listening to community councils or community associations. They have not been listening to the people.”

In agreeing to make the deferral request to Aberdeenshire Council, members agreed to ask their neighbouring community councils their views on the subject.

Referring to the seeming drying up of community benefit funds in relation to wind turbines, Mr Mowat said there was nothing in it for communities any more because developers knew they were certain to get planning permission anyway.