UKA Examinations

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A number of students from The Beattie School of Dance recently sat there in house UKA examinations and all passed with flying colours.

UniTed Master Plaque and Blue Badge: Pass – Lily Waston, Lacey Jackson, Rhian Tough, Lily Davie, Sophie May, Robyn Shand, Argyle Ross, Molly Scott, Sophie Simpson, Sophie McBain, Isla Stewart, Maisie Merchant. Intro 1: Pass – Kayce Prosser, Summer Murray, Ashlyn MacDougall, Logan Davie, Ellie Dalgetty, Jodie Dalgetty, Shelby Wilox, Kamryn Adam. Pre-Bronze: Pass – Lauren Mackie, Isla Keith. Bronze: – Libby May, Isla-Patterson Skene, Abbie Reid. Bronze Bar: – Rhiannon Crockatt – Honours – Nicole Alexander. Silver: Honours – Chloe Craig, Aimee Mackie, Rachel Scorgie. Gold and Juvenille: – Sarah Scorgie, Becca Reid.