Ury Estate not marked for retail

a REQUEST from Ury Estate to the Stonehaven and District Community Council for help to be considered for retail development has been refused.

Community Councillors decided that the Ury Estate developers should contact the local authority planners themselves. One member expressed concern that writing a letter would suggest that the Ury Estate development had the backing of the Community Council, before they had properly discussed the plans.

FM Ury Estate had written to the Community Council claiming that support for a multi-million pound golf course on the outskirts of Stonehaven at the Ury Estate has received 98% support.

This includes the plans for a supermarket at the site, however Aberdeenshire Council’s emerging local development plan does not have the land listed as suitable for retail development.

In the letter, FM Group director Jonathon Milne explains why the ground is not listed for retail development. He said: “Unfortunately we were unable to make submissions to the Local development Plan process last year due to the Ury Estate being controlled by the administrators. Our proposals are therefore not currently in front of the local plan inquiry for reasons totally outwith our control.”

In the letter he also laid out the case for the piece of ground being suitable,

He said: “The location is easily accessible by most of the population of Stonehaven.” He also stated that the site “meets a number of other requirements of Aberdeenshire Councils local development plan.”

In the letter the community council were asked to help the developers.

He said: “If you the community council, feel Ury Estate and, in particular, a location at Slug road should be considered as a potential appropriately scaled supermarket opportunity for Stonehaven, then we would be grateful if the community council would support us in getting a fair hearing for this site through the local development plan process,”

He concludes by asking the group to write to the local authority’s planners asking that the estate is considered as a “retail development”.

The ground not being allocated for retail use is just the latest in a long list of setbacks which have faced the proposed £40million facility.

Original plans for a facility at the site were dropped back in 2009 after the company behind the project went into administration.

FM Developments bought the estate ten years ago and plans for the estate were backed in 2008.

Work began at the site the following year but quickly ceased after administrators were called in.