Vodafone service down in Stonehaven

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The Vodafone service for Stonehaven has been down for over two weeks, according to one customer who has contacted the Leader.

Dr Graham McIntosh, MBE, who lives in the town, highlighted the issue in an email sent to the newspaper office.

He stated: “This is, of course, an unacceptable situation as many people no longer have land lines, so you could envisage many scenarios whereby people would be unable to contact emergency services, carry on their business or contact their families in the case of vulnerable elderly.”

Dr McIntosh explained that, after speaking to someone from the provider, he was given no indication of when the service would resume. Dr McIntosh’s letter is printed in full on page 10.

At time of going to press we were unable to get a comment from anyone at Vodafone. Checking the Network queries forum on their national website, we found a thread, ‘No coverage Stonehaven (AB39)’, where people were discussing this very issue. Advice from the site to try the ‘network troubleshooting’ thread had proved fruitless for one customer, Stephen Danks, who posted: “It has been confirmed that there is a problem with the network itself. My phone works fine in the next town - I just don’t feel like a seven mile journey each time I need to talk to someone.”