Voluntary group for Newtonhill

A NEW voluntary group could be set up in Newtonhill to improve public spaces in the village.

The group would be modelled on Stonehaven’s Horizon Group, community councillor Michael Morgan told members at the August meeting of the Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore community council.

Mr Morgan said that the idea had come up during the Making It Real event in the village in June, and the Newtonhill Village Association are involved. He added: “there is a lot of enthusiasm in the village” for the idea.

Mr Morgan, who helped to organise the Making It Real event, suggested to community councillors that a survey could be undertaken to give residents in Muchalls and Cammachmore the same opportunity to voice their opinions about what they like and dislike about their area, and any changes they would like to see.

Some Cammachmore residents had voiced frustration that they were not represented at the Making It Real event in Newtonhill, and Mr Morgan said that it might be useful to come up with three separate action plans for Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore, so that each separate community is given a focus.

A conflict between walkers and farmers over access rights to the path linking Muchalls and Newtonhill has been resolved “in principle”, according to North Kincardine Councillor Ian Mollison.

Cllr Mollison told community councillors that negotiations have been taking place between farmers and council officials, and it has been agreed that walkers should make sure that they keep to the edge of the field, and the farmers should recognise that people have a right to walk there.

He said: “This has been a contentious issue, but a compromise has been reached. The principle of resolving the issue has been accepted by everyone, but it is yet to go into practice. I believe a stile will be installed at the entrance to the coastal park.”

It was announced that MSP Maureen Watt will visit the community council at the their October meeting on the 19th of that month.

An update on the progress of the expected new tennis courts at the Bettridge Centre was also given. Mr Morgan said: “A surveyor has been appointed and they are now going to be getting quotes. I had hoped that this would have happened weeks ago but at least things are moving forward.”