Voluntary group given cash boost by council

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STONEHAVEN Voluntary group Horizon were given a massive boost this week when Councillors decided to award them with, not just the £1000 they asked for, but over double the money to help fund their Craws Nest Project.

Horizon Group had applied to the top-up budget for £1000 for the Craws Nest project, which is set to cost £5000. The project will see the development of the concrete platform on the beachfront next to the River Carron. The project will see new seating being put in place along with a labyrinth which will have within it a number of mosaics which will show landmarks and scenes from the area including Dunnottar Castle and the Fireballs. The twelve mosaics will be made with the help of local schools and art groups.

Councillor Peter Bellarby praised the project. He said:” It is a commendable project and I am delighted with the involvement of school children.” He explained how the area where the Craws Nest is to be developed in currently “nothing more than a block of concrete.”

All of the Councillors echoed Councillor Bellarby’s enthusiasm for the project and Area Manager, Willie Munroe explained to the Councillors that whilst Horizon had only requested £1000 they could, if they wanted, give the project more.

Councillor Wendy Agnew was quick to take up on this suggestion. She said: “I propose we give them the full amount we can. The Horizon Group have done a huge amount for Stonehaven and we owe them a huge debt for the work they have done.” This was agreed by other Councillors and Horizon Group were awarded £2500 to put towards the Craws Nest project which they hope to have completed by next summer.

Group convenor, Rosemary Clark said: “We are absolutely delighted with the Council’s contribution. We asked for £1,000 and to get £2,500 is fantastic. This means we can progress this project. We have a very good relationship with the Council and are grateful for their help.”

The Horizon group are a voluntary group based in Stonehenge who work on a number of projects within the town, the group are waiting to hear the results of Stonehaven’s entry in the Beautiful Scotland competition, which will be announced later this month.

Money from the top up budget was also awarded to Marykirk Village Hall Management Committee who had requested £850 for refurbishment to the hall and Newtonhill Festive Lights Group who had requested £1500 for replacement and additional Christmas Lights.

Councillor Ian Mollison praised the efforts of the Newtonhill Festive Lights Group. He said: “All money has been raised within the community. The work they put in is excellent.”