Volunteers needed for litter pick

ASDA Portlethen are looking for volunteers to help them out as they take part in a “Great litter pick” in September.

On Saturday September 15, customers and colleagues at ASDA Portlethen will take part in a the “Great Litter Pick” which aims to tidy up the local community, making it a nicer, more enjoyable place to live and visit.

Lois Stewart, Community Life Champion for ASDA Portlethen explains that this is something which is important to ASDA.

She said: “ASDA Portlethen are continually aiming to provide cleaner, safer environments for the families and individuals in our community. We already provide several ways the community can engage such as recycling facilities and resuable shopping bags - but it also involves spreading awareness, building excitement and thinking up new ideas to get involved.

“We want to work closely with Aberdeenshire council to improve the local environment and are focused on looking after the resources we have, so they are still there to enjoy in future generations. Everyone can contribute to this goal - even the smallest gesture can have a significant impact.”

ASDA are looking for help between 10am-4pm. Proper protective equipment will be provided.

If you are interested in helping, contact Lois Stewart on 01224 787432 or 01224 782200, alternatively you can email her on community_portlethen@asda.co.uk.