Volunteers needed for Skateraw Fair

Skateraw Fair
Skateraw Fair

The popular Skateraw Fair in Newtonhill in June is on the lookout for volunteers to keep the event from being put a risk.

The fair is held on the last Saturday of June every year.

Skateraw Fair

Skateraw Fair

This week Laura Bruce, chair of the Skateraw Fair Organising Committee, spoke of how the currently committee dd not have the volunteers in place to get the fair organised.

Laura said: “We don’t have the volunteers to help with getting the fair sorted.

‘‘A few people who have helped out over the many, many years have decided to take a step back as such to focus more on their family life as a few have young childrenand just can’t give up as much time, which is understandable.

“Main thing we need are volunteers to help out.

‘‘A lot of the things have been done the same way each year so it’s just a case of having someone’s name to an event within the eight days.

“They wouldn’t be left alone to sort the event, we all muck in to help each other out. It just makes it easier for everyone if there is just the one name per event in case people want/need to get in touch.

‘‘ If there were any problems, I am always available.”

A meeting is to take place next Wednesday, February 4, in the Bettridge Centre Kitchen at 8pm.

You don’t have to be from Newtonhill to be involved as those in the surrounding areas of Cammachmore and Muchalls are being urged to get involved.

Laurasaid there was a Newtonhill Village Association (NVA) meeting beforehand so if anyone was to arrive early they could join in to see what else was happening within the village.

She added: “If they have the time and want to give something back or want to get involved or want to know more about the village then this would be the prime opportunity to do that. Meet new people and have fun doing it all.

“We are quite a sociable lot and we always have a post social event for all the helpers, time to relax after what can be a busy week for all.”

You can get more information from the groups Facebook page www.facebook.com/skaterawfair.