Warning about cold-callers

Have you been cold-called by someone offering to carry out work at your home, such as tarring your driveway or roofing repairs, or offering to sell you goods such as double glazing or alarm systems?

In Aberdeenshire there has been a significant increase in complaints over the last three years relating to problems with cold-callers.

A resident near Stonehaven was cold-called by men offering to do tarring work at a cost of £2 per square foot. The resident asked for two potholes to be filled and expected this to cost £40 to £50. However, the workmen tarred a much larger area and then demanded £1600

Wilma Urquhart, Trading Standards Manager, said: “We are urging consumers to think carefully before agreeing to buy from a doorstep seller. It can be a convenient way to buy and not all cold callers are disreputable - but there is a risk you may be pressured into buying something you do not want or that is not good value for money.”

There are a number of steps you can take to help avoid problems:

If you have fallen victim to a doorstep seller or want to report anything suspicious please call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506.