Warning signs following Newtonhill landslip

Warning signs have been put up in Newtonhill following a landslip into the valley of the Elsick Burn. However it is believed there is no immediate risk to nearby housing.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Mollison, who lives in the village, said: “I saw the landslip just after the heavy rains during the festive break. I contacted council officials as it is one of the biggest land slides I have seen in the valley. Over the years areas have slid down to the burn, but this was of a different magnitude.

“What concerned me was that just above the landslip are houses in Tern Court and Turnstone Court. However I have been reassured that although it was a substantial landslip there is no need to be alarmed.

“I have been advised by council officials that there is no immediate risk. The council has had specialist technical experts look at the landslip and will keep monitoring it. The initial inspection confirmed that the slope was not moving at the time but they will keep an eye on it before deciding if any further action is required.”

Meanwhile the warning signs saying “Danger landslip” have been put up at two locations near the houses as a precaution in case anyone tries to access the area.