Watch as Stonehaven lifeboat crew come to aid of stricken jet skier

Stonehaven lifeboat station.
Stonehaven lifeboat station.

The Stonehaven lifeboat crew were called out at the weekend to rescue a jet skier in trouble.

The crew were paged by Aberdeen Coastguard at 8.46 pm on Saturday and launched the Atlantic 75 ‘Miss Betty’ with three crew on board and made speed to the stricken skier in Stonehaven Bay.

On arrival at the scene, it was discovered that his jet ski had broken down and he was unable to make his way back to shore.

The crew set up a tow and assisted the skier aboard the lifeboat. They then towed the ski back to the harbour.

The casualty was uninjured but very grateful to the crew for their assistance.

The boat was then refuelled and made ready for service once again.