Watch your feet!

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There has been a bit of a stink in the area recently about one particular issue and that is dog mess.

I have taken phone calls, received emails and been told by people all over the Kincardine and Mearns area that this is a problem causing them serious concern.

I have to admit that on my first day of coming into work I was surprised by the amount of dog mess I passed on the pavements walking to the office. It was like a mine field! Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying all dog owners leave mess around, but it is also very clear that not all dog owners clean up after their pets. Now I know that cleaning up after a dog must be unpleasant but if the thought disgusts you so much- don’t get a dog. Or at least get one which is potty trained.

Now, since as far as I know potty training dogs is impossible, please please please just clean up your mess. Recently I had resident of Gourdon on the phone telling me how her child had fallen in some dog mess and as a result the child and herself had ended up covered in it. That is disgusting and is not something I would wish on anyone. So please think of other people. Dogs are lovely creatures and can cause lots of smiles as you walk them around a town, but if you are not a responsible dog owner they can also cause upset and mess.

So please be a good neighbour and clean up after your pets and help make sure the area looks- and smells- nice.

Fiona Stokes