Watt welcomes progress

Aberdeen South & North Kincardine MSP Maureen Watt has welcomed the announcement that improvements are to be made to care home inspections following recent problems in the sector in Scotland.

Inspections will now take place on an annual basis where there was a two year gap previously, along with additional risk-based inspections as required. This will address the risk that services previously rated as good can deteriorate dramatically in a short period of time by ensuring their monitoring is improved. In addition to that announcement, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon also updated parliament on the situation with Southern Cross, which operated a number of sites in Aberdeen South & North Kincardine, revealing that work to find new operators for Southern Cross properties while maintaining continuity of care for residents is all but complete.

Ms Watt said: “I welcome that the work that has been done to ensure that the fallout from the collapse of Southern Cross has a little impact as possible on residents is nearing completion.

“Aberdeen South & North Kincardine is home to a number of homes that were operated by Southern Cross so it is welcome news that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those constituents who have been affected by this issue.

“It is also welcome that the Care Inspectorate will be making unannounced inspections on an annual basis as well as risk-based inspections whenever they are required. This will help to ensure high standards in care home provision in Scotland and is a positive step forward for the sector.”