What does the beach mean to you?

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Do you have fond memories of learning to swim in the sea, or of building sandcastles?

The beach means different things to different people and one man has spent the last 18 months travelling to different beaches around the UK asking people “What does the beach mean to you?”

Now the manonabeach is visiting Stonehaven beach and beaches in the surrounding area to ask “What does the beach mean to you?”

The project celebrates the elemental power of the beach and its profound effect on those people who enjoy being where the air, land and sea meet.

In the narratives at manonabeach.com, you’ll see and hear people represent their emotions, perceptions and recollections, all drawn out by the enhancing effect of the beach.  manonabeach is a construct, a passive Everyman, whose role is to bring these qualitative findings directly to you, for you to draw whatever conclusions you want from them.

With manonabeach, you can enjoy regular glimpses of beaches and beachgoers, wherever you are, via beach films, photographs and answers to the question “What does the beach mean to you…?”

Although manonabeach can be enjoyed as a straightforward pick-me-up, all responses are logged and disseminated through graphs on the website, the three most common answers being Childhood, Beauty and Family. The project has academic links to the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) and the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI). It is currently exploring academic associations with the University of Stirling.

The project has attracted more than 100,000 hits to the website in the last year.

In late March, manonabeach arrives in North East Scotland, to cover beaches in Angus, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray, so “What does the beach mean to you...?”