What’s going on around the Rurals..?

Marykirk WRI

President, Mrs Olive Henry, welcomed members to the first meeting of the new session. She introduced the speaker for the evening, Mrs V. Campbell, who spoke on life in a Rwandan orphanage.

Mrs Campbell went to Africa for a month to help with children in the orphanage.

With her she had pencils, footballs, football strips and money for the children.

In the orphanage, there are babies as young as two weeks old and can be there until they reach 30 years of age.

With the money she took with her, she was able to buy food, shoes, nappies and rubber pants for the babies and also new mattresses for the beds which was greatly appreciated by all.

She helped the children read and write, play and taught the violin which she had taken with her.

She left her violin there for them.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs M Merchant.

Competitions: small jar of jelly (any fruit) - 1. Mrs K Masson, 2. Mrs A Weir. Favourite fridge magnet - 1. Mrs E Farquhar, 2. Mrs H Herald. Flower of the month - 1. Mrs H Herald, 2.Mrs A Rushbridge

Kinneff WRI

After our summer break Ann Masson welcomed members and guest speaker Lyn Rose to our first meeting of the session.

Thanks to Lyn for giving us her stories and tales of a minister’s wife The minutes were read and Margaret gave the treasurer’s report.

The competition - a holiday snap - 1 Ann Masson, 2 DoreenBeedie, 3 Chrissie Warden.

The evening finshed with a raffle and a cuppie. The coffee m,orning we had at Bervie Church Centre raised £262.

We would like to thank all who helped and donated towards our fund raiser.

Our next meeting on Tuesday, October 8. Any new members welcome.