When Stonehaven played host to a Hollywood star

Actor James Stewart.
Actor James Stewart.

Hollywood actor James Stewart, well known for his role in the Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ also has a connection to Stonehaven?

The movie star visited the town in the autumn of 1959, and stayed in the Bay Hotel on Robert Street (now Clashfarquhar House), where he spent a quiet holiday, relaxing.

At the time the actor, who died in 1997, was quoted in a daily newspaper as saying: “I don’t know anybody in Scotland. I’ll be staying in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, just relaxing and shooting.”

Reader Allan Sutherland, who brought the visit to our attention, said: “I wonder if any readers would have anecdotes from the visit?”

Mr Stewart is not the only celebrity to grace Stonehaven with a visit. Mel Gibson was a regular face around the town in 1990, while filming Hamlet at Dunnottar Castle.

And more recently, in March, James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe were spotted out and about while filming their upcoming blockbuster, Frankenstein, at the castle.

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