Who was Edwin S Noble?

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Who was Edwin S. Noble? That is a question which Chris Greene has been trying to find the answer to for some time now.

Walking past Johnshaven’s War Memorial one day a few months ago the former submariner and now retired chief engineer of a paper mill in Aberdeen felt it was a shame that the names on the Memorial had probably become just that – names, their supreme sacrifice remembered certainly by their descendants but unrecognized by others. Conscious, too, that the centenary of the Armistice of 1919 was only four years away, Chris decided to fill this gap by compiling a complete record of every man in the parish of Benholm who had lost his life in the service of his country in the two World Wars – their exact place of birth, regiments they served in, where they were killed and any medals they were awarded. Once completed, the details would be preserved in a bound Book of Remembrance and presented to the Benholm and Johnshaven Heritage Society to be preserved for posterity.

On the War Memorial there are 27 names from World War I and 17 from World War II, only three of the latter having not served in the either the Royal or Merchant Navy, so , although it is a mammoth task which Chris has set himself it is one which he is confident of completing and he has already had one unexpected success. Missing from the Memorial, possibly because of some confusion at the time with Ritchie Blues, is the name of James Ritchie Blues, killed in action in 1915. Chris has traced his military history, the British Legion has no objection to his name being inscribed and Aberdeenshire Council will appoint a monumental mason to carry out the work.

However, one name from the First World War continues to elude him, that of Edwin S. Noble. The surname Noble is quite common around Peterhead and Fraserburgh but less so in Kincardineshire and hard as Chris has tried, so far he can find no trace of Edwin: genealogy and military web sites have drawn a blank as has the Census and contact with local people.

Now he is desperately hoping that, although the Great War was a very long time ago, this article might just stir someone’s memory and Edwin can take his rightful place in the Book of Remembrance of Benholm and Johnshaven’s war dead.

If anyone has information on Edwin please contact Chris by email chrisgreene143@btinternet.com