Woodend Barn to screen classic horror film with live score

Horror and new music fans are in for a scream at Woodend Barn this Halloween, with a screening of classic horror film Nosferatu featuring a new, live soundtrack. Aberdeen-born guitarist Graeme Stephen has composed the score to accompany German Expressionist director F.W. Marnau’s 1922 black and white film, which he will perform alongside cellist Ben Davis of Mercury Music Prize nominees Basquiat Strings.

Nosferatu was the first - and some say the most frightening - adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. Its producers were unable to obtain the film rights from Bram Stoker’s estate and so character names and plot details were altered - this did not however prevent Stoker’s estate from launching court proceedings which resulted in most original prints of the film being destroyed.

Max Schreck gives a chilling performance as the protagonist Count Orlok, a misshapen monster in this interpretation. Orlok’s angular silhouette as he creeps towards his victim’s bedroom is one of the film’s iconic images which has passed into popular culture.

Guitarist Graeme Stephen performs with numerous projects including his own ensemble, playing a wide variety of styles from free improvisation to folk music. He was described by The Herald as “one of the Scottish jazz scene’s most capable, exportable and distinctive talents.”

Cellist Ben Davis also enjoys a varied musical career encompassing classical, world, pop and jazz genres. As well as performing with the Mercury-nominated Basquiat Strings, he is a frequent collaborator with Graeme Stephen and has recorded with a diverse range of musicians including Kylie Minogue, Claire Martin and Jamiroquai.

The audience is invited to appear in optional fancy dress for this Halloween performance, which begins at 8pm on Wednesday 31 October. Tickets are available online from Woodend Barn at www.woodendbarn.co.uk or phoning the box office on 01330 825431.