WW2 attack Survivor returns to Stonehaven

The last known survivor of a ship torpedoed off the Stonehaven coast during the Second World War has returned to the town for the first time.

Eighty-nine-year-old Noel Blacklock, who now lives in Bedford in England, was one of 12 men to make it out alive after the SS Creemuir was sunk by the Germans in 1940.

Aberdeenshire author Rod Macdonald posted a blog about the Creemuir on the internet after diving at the shipwreck as part of his research for a new book and it was because of this blog that Noel’s story came to light.

Noel visited Stonehaven where he met with Rod and gave the author a full account of what happened.

Noel said: “I remember being underwater, coming up through the water and bumping my head on a piece of wood. “