Young driver hits back at noisy allegations

A YOUNG driver has hit back at accusations that boy racers are keeping Stonehaven residents up at night.

Dave Park got in touch with the Leader to counteract complaints that the youngsters are sitting in the leisure centre car park making a racket by revving their cars until they backfire and racing up and down the golf course road.

At last week’s meeting of the Stonehaven and District Community Council the issue of anti-social driving in the town was discussed, with one Cowie resident saying that things were so bad she had to go to bed with her iPod in most nights to block out the noise which continued into the early hours of the morning.

Local police have said they are aware of a problem there and urged residents to report incidents to them.

However, local man Dave Park has said that this is an over-reaction.

“I’m a young guy who sits at the leisure centre at nights and the residents of Cowie are taking it a bit to far,” he said. “Do you honestly think we have fuel to race up and down the golf course road every night?”

He added: “And we have all got jobs and have to get up every morning as well as everyone else so do you really think we sit out until 3am every night revving our engines?

“We have every right, as any of the residents of Cowie, to sit where we want - we pay our road taxes.”

Mr Park said: “A lot of young drivers are not happy and I think we have the right to speak our side of the story. During the week everyone is home by 11-12 at night. The golf course is a main entrance to Stonehaven so of course there’s always going to be cars going down that road.”

He added: “The older generation of adults in Stonehaven need to stop blaming the youth for every problem there is in this town. Would the people rather have us drinking on street corners causing trouble or out in cars staying out of trouble?”