Windfarm objectors had every right to their view


One would think that a political party that includes the words Liberal and Democrats in their name would be fully supportive of diverse opinion and democracy.

However, once more, we see a member of this party demonstrating their intolerance of individuals who dare to have a different opinion and voice that opinion by way of the democratic process.

The objectors to the proposed windfarm at Meikle Carewe had every right to object to that development and therefore every right to follow the established, legal, democratic process to support their opposition.

Also they are to be applauded for not selling out their principals, something the Liberal Democrats cannot be accused of. The money offered by developers of some windfarms is a thinly veiled attempt to coerce local residents into supporting(or at least not opposing) their developments which (in this area at least) are more about cashing in on subsidies than helping the environment.

These subsidies are paid for by all electricity consumers regardless of their ability to pay and are partly responsible for the, now, record levels of fuel poverty in Scotland. The fact that now the development has been approved the money is off the table speaks volumes. It should be noted that recently it was the Liberal Democrats who used inaccurate, scaremongering tactics to support an application (despite being recommended for refusal by the planning department) to increase the size of turbines at a local windfarm simply because the developers couldn’t, in the short term, source ones of the size already agreed. By the way contrary to a point inferred in a recent letter to these windfarms are not going to reduce our petrol costs as we don’t use any significant amounts of oil to generate electricity.

Yours etc.,

Michael Macey

Nether Wyndings